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Project Scrapper Activation Code [PC]

Updated: Mar 9

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About This Game Project Scrapper is a casual first-person objective shooter with one caveat: players have no guns. Instead, players are equipped with an anti-gravity jump that lets them jump onto and run along surfaces and gravitational rivets that draw objects together. The wide applicability of these rivets allow players to employ whatever strategies they come up with. Launch environmental objects at opponents to knock them down or launch your opponents themselves. Use the rivets to keep objective items from other players. In some game modes, players can even rip the panels composing the map. Make gravity your play thing.Fight against other players in several game modesScrapmatch - Deathmatch with a Project Scrapper twist where players destroy the map to knock each other outTreasure Trove - Gather as many cubes as possible in your trove or steal cubes from other players. The more cubes, the faster your score goes upClassic Capture the Flag - Capture the flag, as you know it, but nothing is typical in Project Scrapper. Even the "Mizkin Test Retrieval Objects" are affected by rivets, allowing for weaponization or remote transport.Play in maps with game mechanics specific to eachCube - A standard map (or as standard as it is in Project Scrapper) where the cube in the center affects the gravitational pull of everything surrounding itSolar (Coming soon)- Jump from planet to moving planet, dodging block storms and avoiding the incineration at the hands of the sun (Darwin bots are durable, but not that durable) 6d5b4406ea Title: Project ScrapperGenre: CasualDeveloper:Tyler WaldenPublisher:Tyler WaldenRelease Date: Q4 2019 Project Scrapper Activation Code [PC] project scraper. web scraper project


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